It’s finally here the long awaited teaser for TEEN TOP’s first full length album “No.1” it was nice to hear the boys make the announcement themselves during their european tour that their full album was on the way and after seeing a paparazzi shot of CAP on set in a Chinese tabloid not so long ago Angel’s around the world have been waiting for the teasers release.

I have to say things are looking pretty top quality (as usual really) from the boys. Everyone looks lovely, almost as they did at the tour, I can even get by with CAP’s bizarre dreads because it’s just for the MV (They’d better not put them back in for live promotions or I’ll….) still, it looks slick, it looks dramatic it looks every inch TEEN TOP.

Cannot wait for the full MV on the 15th!

video credit: TeenzonTop official Youtube page

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