NEW MV ALERT | B.A.P “One Shot”


WARNING: Guns, Leather, Fur Coats and Bling Bling and spoilers ahead.

Back on the 8th of February B.A.P released their teaser for their upcoming epic comeback track “One Shot” displaying all kinds of epicness one cannot comprehend.

The video itself resembles the darker side of Block B’s “Nilili Mambo” MV with gangsters, heists, kidnap, death and.. betrayal? The jist of the storyline is this: Youngjae is kidnapped, Yonguk is the leader of a gang who is desperate to get his friend back, they steal some money to pay his ransom…they go get him, he gets shot (HOLY F@#$) and then there’s a massive shoot out which sees 90% of B.A.P dead with only Yonguk remaining.

I know what you’re thinking right? The same things I probably was. 1) WHY 2) OMG 3) Well this is going to get banned. There is a lot of blood and this is an idol group we’re talking about here. They’re criminals, they steal money from armed police and then shoot up a lot of people. Videos have been banned for much less than that (i.e. HyunA’s Bubble Pop for crying out loud) – but wait… there’s more!

We see a huge crystallized Matoki that suddenly rewinds the whole end scenario…and shock horror… Youngjae doesn’t die. Instead, he’s revealed to be an undercover cop!? Then B.A.P are all arrested! I don’t know what was worse, B.A.P being shot to death or Youngjae being a double crossing, son of a…anyway, moving on.

The music video is uber high budget. It’s shot gloriously in HD and the storyline is pieced together rather nicely for a 7minute long video. The boys are DRESSED. I mean, seriously dressed. Leather jackets, pants, suits, Yonguk’s fur coat (Yonguk’s earrings!) and they all LOOK amazing, not one person stands out as “the one who got screwed by the stylist” and (Noona’s beware) our little jailbait Zelo is looking good!

As for the song, B.A.P’s last two singles “Stop It!” and “Cash” saw the boys depart from their futuristic rock/hip-hop fusion but “One Shot” nicely sees them return to form with their trade mark sound. The vocals are top notch, the rap is as expected perfect and the choreography is genius (Push ups in a routine! I mean, come on! That’s amazing) I’ll be having my fingers crossed that this song marks B.A.P’s first music show win.

….That’s if they aren’t over shadowed by the impending come backs of both SHINee AND TEEN TOP mind.

video credit: TSENT2008 official Youtube

Purchase B.A.P “One Shot” w/ Poster here at Yesasia

One response to “NEW MV ALERT | B.A.P “One Shot”

  1. I so agree wth you on this one. Fabulous mv, great choreography, and noone got screwed by the cordi noona…lol. I want them to win awards so badly, and this song could do it, but there is Shinee to contend with. Teen Top to a lesser degree, imho.

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