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WARNING This Blog Has: Opinions, Criticisms (both good and bad), Adult Language, Some Heavy Reading

If you’ve stumbled across this brand new blog you’re one of three things. 1) A friend of mine and I forced you here. 2) A K-POP fan of older years and you’re in the right place or 3) A child who has stumbled off the beaten track and has gotten lost somewhere you probably shouldn’t be!

I have started this blog with the intention of putting across new and exciting K-Pop news stories and editorials aimed at a more mature audience as there are a lot of us over 18’s out there who love all the idols that the kids are loving these days. I myself am a 24 year old male and I’ve been feeling the burn of new idols debuting who are 8-10 years my junior and as the idols get younger, the fans inevitably get younger and all the media outlets (whose names I shall not mention) aim their stories at kids.

Having said that, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. K-Pop is marketed that way after all and the youngsters make up for the majority of the K-Pop fans out there but am I the only person who feels awkward reading an article only to follow up with comments written by 13 year olds who think any negative comment is the writer being “anti” or “bashing”? We live in a world fueled by criticisms good and bad and I myself would like to read articles in which the writer isn’t scared of sharing their true opinions. Hence the creation of this wonderful new haven for us more “mature” K-Pop fans out there.

I use the term “mature” loosely as just like the kids I assure you there will be fangirling (and fanboying) a plenty and I’m hoping this blog will grow to be an enjoyable, humorous and educational place to be!

Enjoy, yours truly

Admin Kyle

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