NEWS | TEEN TOP “No.1” Cover + Tracklist


On Feb 15th the boys of TEEN TOP teased fans everywhere with the release of pre-release track “I wanna love”. Now the boys are gearing up to release their much anticipated album “No.1”

“No.1” will serve as TEEN TOP’s first full length album since their debut back in 2010 and has Angel’s everywhere very excited. TOP MEDIA today unveiled some details of the album, stating that the limited edition version will come with a 80 page photobook (Detailing their stay in Hong Kong for the shooting of I wanna love and Paris (what about Barcelona, London and Germany TOP MEDIA!?) the album will also come with a sticker and six photo cards. Just what TEEN TOP fans need to feed their TEEN TOP hunger.

The tracklist for the album is as follows:

01. No. 1
02. Miss Right
03. Missing you
04. I wanna love
05. Stop girl
06. Why
07. Hello
08. Never go back
09. Mad at U
10. Sweet
11. Get crazy
12. Mr.Bang* Feat. Maboos and Chakun of Electroboyz

*Mr. Bang is apparently written by TEEN TOP leader, CAP. 

I personally am hoping the album continues with the mature sound of “I wanna love” a direction of which I’m very happy the boys have gone in. As they get older as men it would be nice to see their music grow with them – but who am I kidding, of course I want one or two aegyo filled tracks in there and I think we may just get them with titles like “Sweet” and “Miss Right” there might even be a few “First Kiss”-esque slow jams with “Stop girl” and “Mad at U” but who knows?

“No.1” will be released on the 25th of February and I for one cannot wait.

You can purchase the album here, limited edition with poster from Yesasia.

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