It’s finally here! Rejoice Shawol’s everywhere!

Just as SM TOWN promised, today (19th Feb) saw the release of SHINee’s hugely anticipated Korean comeback with “Dream Girl Chapter 1: Misconceptions of You” the album was released simultaneously world wide digitally on stores such as iTunes and both versions (original and dance) were available on the SM TOWN channel. Perfectly crafted, SM, well done.

Battling a poor nights sleep I flicked my laptop open to bathe in it’s shiny SHINee glory and it is every inch of that. Pure SHINee from start till finish. It seems SM TOWN has finally established SHINee’s “specific” sound. Just as f(x) and SJ have “loud electronic pop” SHINee seems to have kept with “funky melodic pop” which leaves no room for vocals to be sacrificed – a feat the boys accomplish with great skill because how their vocals have grown! Minho gets singing lines, Key’s voice has come along in leaps and bounds, Onew, well Onew’s voice is as flawless as normal but it’s definitely Taemin and Jonghyun that bring the song home. “Dream Girl” is like an old 70s funk track upgraded with some modern day synths. It’s bright, colorful and just as always with the boys of SHINee – extremely addictive.

The video is very well done. We get to see two sides of SHINee fighting their way through dream world to get to their “dream girl”. We have the cute, colorful pastel colored SHINee we all know and love then we are taken to a more mature, dressed up SHINee equipped with shirts, ties, suit jackets – the whole works. It works because the song is mature sounding yet at the same time it’s got that same SHINee aegyo feel about it.

Overall it comes across as SHINee’s “Big” one. As in the song that solidifies themselves as one of the giants of K-Pop. It’s incredibly polished and the whole comeback has been so well executed. Everyone over at SM camp needs to give themselves a massive pat on the back.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed SHINee’s popularity explodes this year and gives them everything they deserve!

Not seen it yet? Check out the original version here

You can purchase SHINee’s “Dream Girl” album here at Yesasia.

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