NEW RELEASE | Kim Jae Joong “Y” (Repackage Album)


Good news for Cassie’s everywhere, our beloved Kim Jae Joong is releasing more music for 2013 with a repackage of his successful solo mini album “I” titled “Y” an obvious thank you to fans “I” being to himself and “Y” has gotta mean “You” right?

The album is said to come with two new tracks, a dance number (odd right, considering the rock tones of the original mini album) titled “Only Love” featuring Flowsik, whom Jaejoong collaborated with on JYJ’s “Love You” and a R&B ballad titled “Kiss B” which will  certainly add a new flavor to the album.

I’m rather excited. “Mine” is one of the best tracks to come out of Korea so far this year in my opinion, somehow it was the Jaejoong we all knew and loved reminiscent of TVXQ’s “Tri-Angle” days. Let’s hope there is a new music video to accompany the repackage album if not, it’s always nice to have new tracks with Jaejoong’s vocals on them.

The album will be released on the 28th of February and you can purchase it here, through Yesasia.

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