SHINee’s comeback announcement with their first full album since 2010’s “Lucifer” (later repackaged to “Hello”) came as a shock to us all. The announcement came after it was announced that SHINee would be releasing a new Japanese single in March, upsetting Korean (and some overseas) Shawol’s who craved a Korean comeback.

However, about a week or so after the announcement of “Fire” SMTOWN revealed that SHINee would be releasing their 3rd full album “Dream Girl Chapter 1: Misconceptions of You” on the 19th of February. They started with a string of very SHINee teaser pictures quite reminiscent to Sherlock and 2009’s ROMEO. As always styled to perfection and completely the opposite to every other group out there. You can always count on SHINee to bring the originality.

I’m very excited personally. SHINee mixed things up last year with their mash-up concept with Sherlock which to me is the most original thing that’s come out of K-Pop in years. They never disappointing musically, conceptionally and performance wise they’re always perfect. Maybe their upcoming release will excel their popularity to the level they deserve!

So not only will SHINee be promoting domestically and overseas in Japan, they will release what will essentially be their fourth Korean album, which is rumored for an April release and is aptly titled “Dream Girl Chapter 2 – Misconceptions of Me” its shaping up to be quite the interesting concept and Shawol’s everywhere will be able to watch as SHINee certainly dominate the first half of 2013.

But then what? A repackage album? Will we see a 2 Disc set released with NEW songs? Towards the end of the year we will more than likely see the release of their 2nd Japanese album, Also, just like label mates Super Junior, SHINee have ventured on annual tours “SHINee World” and we will no doubt see the boys of SHINee on the road again with “SHINee World World Tour 3” – so it’s obvious to see who’s year it will be.

Last year it was BIGBANG’s but this year certainly looks like it belongs to SHINee. Let’s hope and pray that in the event of a “World Tour” it extends beyond Asia and comes to… Europe and the USA?


Purchase SHINee’s new album here at yesasia!

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