Nearly 7 months after the release of the first mini album “Action” the Pledis boys are back with a completely different sound to their usual pop/dubstep, exchanging stompy choreography for a more fluid and contemporary routine.

So least to say L.O.Λ.E’s have been a little, let’s say, surprised at the sudden change in direction that the boys have taken. Personally I do like the song, it resembles “I’m Sorry” follow up track to the groups debut “Face” in both sound and dance. Minhyun’s vocals are perfection and for me the most stand out feature of the track.

The music video is beautifully done. They haven’t departed much from their original look (thank god) so fans can relax in the knowledge that their favorite members still LOOK the same and Ren is still beautifully androgynous to the point where he continues to put the most beautiful of K-Ladies to shame.

The only worry for NU’EST fans is the timing of this release. Over shadowed already by B.A.P’s strong comeback and SHINee’s up coming album which is released in just six days not to mention the drastic change in concept and sound – will the boys be able to pull off a successful comeback?

Let’s see what happens when they make their comeback stage on February 14th’s M!countdown.

video credit: pledisnuest official Youtbe

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