Editorial | 5 Comebacks I’d Like To See Happen (In A Perfect World)

Okay, so 2013 is only 1.5 months in and already we’ve had a massive influx of comebacks (with even more to follow!) SNSD, CNBLUE, VIXX, SISTAR19, Dalmatian came back as DMTN, B.A.P, NU’EST, TEEN TOP and soon we will see the awaited Korean comebacks of SHINee and U-KISS. That’s a lot of already established acts gracing computer screens and televisions the world around with brand new music and performance. So whilst acts who have been huge in recent years and rookies make their mark on the K-Pop scene (without any hint of stopping any time soon!) I would like to take a look at the groups I would like to see comeback this year but as the title to this article says… in a perfect world.

1. Battle


Battle. Who? You ask. Well, VIP’s everywhere will surely know of talent show Battle Shinhwa which BIGBANG’s Seungri participated in. A talent show that wanted to create this generations Shinhwa and replicate the success they had and still have today. However, they weren’t so fortunate.

The boys debuted in 2006 with “Crash” a song keeping the popular “dark pop” sound of the time closely resembling SS501 in styling as well as sound. As much as the song was enjoyable, their vocals were top notch and their styling fitted in well with the time they just didn’t seem to make much of a wave in the vast sea of the K-Pop world. In may 2007 they release second single “Mal Hae!” and finally a year later in the summer of 2008 releasing the superb pop track “Step by Step” and that was it. We heard nothing more of the boys.

It was later revealed members Hwichan and Leo would be completing their military service early whilst Taehwa returned as Zin Taehwa in 2009 with a rather generic single “Fallen Angel” failing again to make much of an impact on the Korean audiences. Then, in 2010 it was announced that the groups leader Ryu would also be completing his military service.

Well boys, surely your military service is up now which leaves you with a lot of spare time on your hands. The group has never been officially announced as disbanded yet, even a comeback digital single with a decent middle of the road budget would be enough to satiate my need for more from Battle.

Watch Battle perform “Step by Step”

2. Jang Ri In


Remember back in 2006 when SM TOWN announced they would be debuting a new soloist by the name Jang Ri In? I remember the teaser website like it was yesterday. This was before the days of everything being through youtube (I feel old) and then she finally released it, a ballad like no other, an epic music video that you’d never seen anything like… “Timeless” featuring the powerful vocals of TVXQ member Xiah Junsu. The song tore up the charts scoring her a mumber 1, her chinese debut “I Will” showing similar success. Jang Ri continued her success by winning the Best New Solo Artist at the Mnet MAMA’s the first time the award was won by a foreign artist (she’s Chinese.)

Even though from the get go as fans we knew she was going to be based (for the majority) in China, but after her debut album and in 2009 a digital single titled “Moving On” things have been a little quiet over at the SM TOWN camp in regards to a Jang Ri comeback. However, Jang Ri herself has taken to the internet to declare she has been working on a new album and it “may” be released in September/October this year… let’s just remember the same thing was said last year.

I won’t get my hopes up.

Check out Jang Ri’s “Timeless” featuring Xiah Junsu

3. S.E.S


Now I’m not going to get into the history of S.E.S (because we will be here all day) everyone who loves them some K-Pop understands how S.E.S are one of the biggest girl groups in the history of Korean music and helped shape the way we see Korean pop music today. They were SM TOWN’s money maker back in their debut days of 1997 where they were viewed as the “female H.O.T” they saw epic success in their homeland and overseas being one of the first korean girl groups to really mark their territory on Japanese soil.

This year will mark the 16th anniversary since their debut, just as Shinhwa will be celebrating their 15th anniversary this year with a new release I think it’s about time Shoo, Eugene and Bada crawled back out of the wood work, put on their old S.E.S dancing shoes and released one final farewell record in celebration of their memorable careers – also it might teach newer K-Pop fans a thing or two on where their favorite music originated.

Check out S.E.S fan favourite “I Love You”

4. CSJH The Grace


In a perfect world I would like to see (at least one more) another album from the super talented and stunning ladies of CSJH The Grace. Pinned as the “female TVXQ” for their acapella skills, CSJH first graced (get it?) our ears with their beautiful harmonies and lilting vocals in 2005 with their debut single “Too Good” featuring the cracking tune “Boomerang” since then they’ve had a string of what some people might refer to as flops, but where they didn’t make it in the charts they made up for it in quality of music and performance.

Songs such as “The Club” featuring none other than mega idol Rain himself, the stunning balladry (that will be my wedding song) “My Everything” failed to make an impact on the Korean market whilst at the same time the girls bombed in the charts in Japan. Hitting as low as 162 on the Oricon chart with the bouncy reggae track “juicy LOVE”. All seemed lost for the talented CSJH ladies until 2007 which saw the release of their first (and only) full length Korean album “One more time, OK?” which the girls managed to achieve their first music show win with the title track of the same name. Things only got better for the girls as 2008 saw their highest charting Japanese single release with “Here” a  collaboration with Japanese hip-hop group CLIFF EDGE managing to place as high as 18 on the weekly oricon chart. It was clear sailing from then on for the girls as their Japanese mini album “Dear” had similar success peaking at 14 on the daily chart.

Shapely’s (their fan club, a name sake to their curvaceous bodies) everywhere rejoiced and felt the girls finally had their place in the industry then suddenly.. silence. Two years went by since the release of “Dear” in Japan but four years since their last Korean comeback and Dana & Sunday made a mediocre comeback with a dance/pop track fitting to f(x) titled “One More Chance”. The pair made a comeback as a duo showing the group still existed but fellow members Lina and Stephanie chose to concentrate on other things. Roll on to 2012 and Stephanie came back onto the K-Pop scene with the superb “Game” a joint production of SM TOWN and Media Line Entertainment which lead fans to question if Stephanie was jumping ship to another label, leaving the CSJH girls one member down.

It has been eight years since CSJH debuted and it would be nice for SM TOWN to put their money elsewhere other than the SM “Big Two” and allow the girls chance to showcase their talent once more as a foursome showing the new era of idol groups just what it meant to have four talented members in both powerful vocal, dance and stage presence.

Check out CSJH’s number 1 smash “One More Time, OK?”

5. TVXQ (as five)


Now all Cassiopeia want this more than anyone else in the world. They want their beloved TVXQ to be back once more as a five member group. Again, something I’m not going to get into the nitty gritty of but let’s just say members Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu haven’t exactly been on best of terms with their bosses over at SM TOWN since they filed a law suit to nullify their “excessively long” contracts back in 2009. Since then it’s been a long and painful journey for us Cassies who miss things the way they were.

TVXQ made their comeback as a duo in 2010 with the familiar sounding TVXQ sound with “Kep Your Head Down” and continued to release original tracks in Japan achieving insane popularity in the country as a duo (achieving even greater sales than they did as a five piece) before returning again to the Korean music scene in 2012 with catchy euro dance number “Catch Me” and follow up track “Humanoids”. We’ve seen JYJ release music and watched the members foray as solo acts. Xiah debuting as “Xia” in 2012 and Jaejoong debuting as a soloist in January of this year with rock mini album “Mine”

However, all we want more than anything is for the boys 10th anniversary album is for them to be back as one. I have no doubt somewhere behind the scenes SM TOWN is trying their hardest to pull some strings and compromise with JYJ to make this happen – but it’s not going to be easy. With ties having been cut, friendships strained and the change in style will TVXQ be able to make it again as 5 and if they do will it be genuine?

Only time will tell…

Watch TVXQ’s debut track “Hug”

So I reckon not one of these groups will release new music in 2013 but one can dream. Let me know what you think and if there’s anyone you would like to see come back!

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